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Vacaville Residential Floor Coatings Company

The strength of your flooring can make or break your home. Whether you want to increase your home's property value or simply maintain a pleasing aesthetic, maintaining excellent flooring is a priority for any homeowner.

How do you protect your home's floors?

If you're looking for a smart and innovative way to do so, consider installing our high-performing floor coatings into your Vacaville home.

Whether you want to add an extra layer of protection to your home's garage, patio, or bathroom floors, Rasmusen Painting and Concrete Coating has a flooring option that's right for you.

Impact-Resistant Floor Coatings to Protect Your Home's Floors

As a family-owned business with 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to install exceptional flooring systems. We offer a variety of floor coatings for all the rooms in your home including your:

  • Garage Floor: Don't leave your concrete garage floor vulnerable to spills and extreme temperatures. Install an affordable, impact-resistant epoxy floor coating to avoid all kinds of damage.
  • Bathroom Floor: As one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, your bathroom can easily begin to crack and peel. Our flooring specialists can place an easy-to-clean floor coating over your bathroom floor and have it ready to walk on in as little as 24 hours!
  • Laundry Floor: Choose from our wide selection of chip, metallic, or solid finishes for your bathroom floor, protecting against heat and water damage.
  • Patio Floor: Just because your patio is outside doesn't mean its floors are destined to always look rough. Smoothen its appearance and protect it from abrasions by installing a floor coating that is UV-ray and slip-resistant.

Learn More About How You Can Install Durable Floor Coatings into Your Home

If you're looking for high-quality residential floor coating options look no further than our high-performing, impact-resistant floor coating systems. Choose a coating style that's right for your home's floors and start enjoying the peace that comes with protecting your home's floors. Call us today or submit a quick form online to get your exact project quote.