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Napa Valley Break Room Floor Coating Company

Your employees are your greatest asset, and you need to make sure that they have a pleasant, functional work environment—including a clean, comfortable break room!

If the concrete floors in your current break room leave a lot to be desired, Rasmusen Painting and Concrete Coating can help. We offer easy-to-install break room floor coating systems that are stylish, low-maintenance, and durable. That means that your employees will have a better space to relax on break, while you enjoy such benefits as long-lasting performance and greater cost savings.  

Improve Your Employees’ Experience with a New Break Room Floor

Commercial break room flooring needs to be functional—after all, the space is going to see a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis! That’s what our commercial flooring options from Penntek deliver, along with added benefits that make your new floors:  

  • Easier to Clean: Are you spending a lot of money and time on cleaning your break room floor? Resistant to chemicals, impacts, heavy traffic, abrasions, and more, our concrete coatings stay looking great without the need for constant maintenance.
  • Safer than Concrete: As a certified, licensed, and OSHA-compliant business, we understand the need for workplace safety, and we can help to reduce the risk of accidents in your building with a slip resistant floor coating.
  • Stylishly Designed: Nobody wants to spend their meal-time in a grimy, unappealing room, and our concrete floor coatings are customized to your style needs—with options for metallic, chip, quartz, and solid color finishes!
  • Quick to Install: When you need a new break room floor, we deliver—without causing major disruption to your operation! With our techniques, we get your concrete coating down fast, so you get back to full use of the space in just 24 hours. 

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You want fast service and guaranteed results when it’s time to upgrade your break room flooring, so why settle for anything less than the best? Trust the professionals at Rasmusen Painting and Concrete Coating today to help you get the durable commercial floor coatings you need. For your free quote and no-obligation consultation, simply give us a call or fill out our online form now!