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Napa Valley Bathroom Floor Coating Installers

A bathroom floor coating should be durable, attractive, and impressively easy to clean, and Rasmusen Painting and Concrete Coating installs floor coatings that offer all of those benefits and more.

Let us explain…

You may expect to pay a premium price for a bathroom floor coating that can be totally customized for your needs and installed in just one day, but our products are surprisingly affordable. When you want cost-effective solutions that provide remarkable results, Rasmusen Painting and Concrete Coating is the trusted choice!

Industrial Concrete Coatings for Bathrooms and More

We install industrial concrete coatings in factories, warehouses, machine shops, and more. Whenever our customers work with us to install durable epoxy flooring in the main spaces of their facility, we point out the benefits of installing a bathroom floor coating as well such as:

  • The cove base makes it easy to keep your bathroom floor clean and germ-free.
  • Custom color matching is available.
  • Quick cure times mean your bathroom won’t be out of commission for long.
  • Industry-leading warranties protect your investment.
  • Our industrial bathroom floor coating products are chemical and abrasion resistant.

Whether the bathroom serves just a small shop or is located in a public space with hundreds of people passing through every day, our coatings are tough enough to stand up to the traffic without cracking.

Learn More About Our Industrial Floor Coatings

When considering an upgrade to your industrial floor coatings, don’t leave the bathroom out of the plans. Any of our durable and waterproof flooring products are ideal in restrooms of any size, and their low lifetime cost makes them a smart investment. Contact Rasmusen Painting and Concrete Coating for more information about our products and to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and cost estimate. Give us a call today or fill out our online form now to get started.