The essence of landscapes and beautiful vineyards that help define Napa Valley often spill over into the design features people choose for their homes. When selecting a color scheme for your home in Napa Valley, keep those surroundings in mind.

Here are some tips from the area’s trusted residential painting company, Rasmussen Painting, to help you get started.

Beautifully Neutral

When you’re surrounded by natural beauty, there is no need to go over the top with bright colors. Instead, consider neutral shades that allow the scenery to complement your home rather than creating a home that attempts to compete with it.

Borrow from Nature

Rich browns, calming greys, and subtle olive greens pay homage to the hills and vineyards that serve as a backdrop to homes in Napa Valley.

Accentuate the Positive

What do you love about your home’s exteriors? Highlight the features you like most with touches of color meant to draw the eyes to those features. Consider blues, red, or subdued gold that could be a lovely choice for trim, door frames, and other details.

Tie the Interior Spaces Together

Mimic the seamless flow of driving from vineyard to hills by choosing colors that allow a smooth transition from room to room. One way to achieve that is by selecting a base color to use in every room and then choosing various secondary colors. This allows each room to have a distinct look while still maintaining the flow you want.

Instill a Bit of YOU

You have your own unique personality and style, so don’t be afraid to include a bit of that as you make design decisions for your Napa Valley home’s exterior. Adding artwork and textiles that speak to your taste is a wonderful way to tie other elements in with your paint colors.

Rasmussen Painting and Concrete Coating has served the area since 1986, so put the experience of the team from our Napa Valley painting company to work for you.

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